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The Birth (of Bino's Barbecue) Pt. 2

So into the deep rabbit hole Bino went. Oh yes deep he went. The next day, Fifth of July, he asked his housemates, John, Agnes, & Alvin to bring him to Home Depot so he can get an (CHEAP) offset smoker to smoke meat. They were like "Walao, this dude is insane." Insane Bino was. He bought the smoker right away, without knowledge of what constitute a good smoker. That afternoon, he spent the whole day assembling the smoker (Good smokers doesn't need assembling). He was a handy man tho as he finished assembling it in one hour. But that hour felt so long. Because his heart was pumping, mind was racing, & desire was burning to fall DEEP into the rabbit hole.

So for the whole summer break, Bino start smoking meat every weekend. He searched Master Google for answer for his burning questions, & even bought a BBQ cookbook (which is now at Project Smoked). Through absorbing their knowledge, Bino grew in might. He even brought it to his American colleagues in Velocity Sports Centre, Paul, Adam, & Mase to judge the food. Their expression of joy & excitement drove Bino DEEPER into the rabbit hole. Pure Bliss.

But like a lot of good things, it must come to an end. After 8 weeks of smoking meats, the Minnesotan winter grew too cold for my small smoker to handle. And who knew that little smoker was going to be left behind after 3 months of smoking. RIP smoker with no name. But that 100USD smoker was the best investment ever!

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